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Written by: Sara Hussain

Hey, how’s it going? If you’ve been following BUDDY: The Conversation Piece™ for a while, you know we’ve been in transition mode since our product sold out last Spring. Thank you for your patience, enthusiasm, and support as we navigate the next steps of this journey.

As my mother says, you have to turn the page in order to start a new chapter. If you want to know how we got here, check out our origin story. We are beyond stoked to finally be launching Budwell, Stonerglam Smokeware for All™. Read on for more about the next chapter in our evolution, and thank you for being a buddy.


What is Budwell?

Budwell is a brand for stoners who embrace a high design, low maintenance lifestyle.

Why did you create Budwell?

We are analog aficionados who appreciate things that are simple, sustainable, and stylish. After the success of our humble one-hitter, we decided to roll the dice and round out our offerings to fulfill that vision.

What types of things does Budwell carry?

Our collection includes smokeware and accessories that are chic, edgy, and playful. In addition to our own products, such as BUDDY, we have curated a rotating collection of mid-century and post-modern vintage and small batch goods from independent brands, with a focus on showcasing LGBT-owned, Women-owned, and other fellow POC-owned companies that we love.

Why did you change the name from BUDDY to Budwell?

To be clear, our signature pipe is still called BUDDY. It is the anchor for our mission of “stonerglam smokeware for all.” The name Budwell best reflects that, and is a welcome mat for anyone who is high-curious.

What the hell is Stonerglam™?

“Stonerglam” is a word that was first made up to describe the sound of my band, Nihilitia. Over time it morphed from a musical genre to more of an aesthetic one. Essentially, it means a little bit edgy and a little bit extra. And yes, we have a pending trademark.

How do you feel about the word “stoner”?

Positively. There’s nothing wrong with the word, and any attempts to weaponize it should be met with a shrug and an eye roll. Life’s too short for shame.

What does Budwell mean?

Our brand is a celebration of life, friendship, and good times. In addition to honoring my dear friend and drummer, the name Budwell is a reminder to live with intention, appreciation, and no regrets.

Ok, topic change. Do you smoke to rev up or wind down?

Both, obvi.

How would you describe your smoking ritual?

I am a working mom, so smoking is usually clandestine and efficient. But I also like it to be indulgent, especially after the year and a half that we’ve had. For the five minutes I get to be alone, I appreciate having a cute mid-century jar instead of a Ziploc bag or a quirky ashtray instead of yet another repurposed Altoids tin.

No shade to either, but there comes a time when you start upgrading everything in your life. Why should something you reach for every day be any different?

What is your favorite strain?

Jack Herer for out and about. Skywalker OG for a journey to the clouds.

What’s next for Budwell?

After working so long on this brand in secret, I’m really excited for people to get to know us and our new look. We’re about to start dropping limited edition collections. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Make sure you’re signed up for our mailing list to get early access.

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